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What is up with spam and Yahoo! Mail?


Don't know if anyone else is as frustrated as I am, but these days, the Yahoo! spam filter seems to be much worse at filtering spams. I'll often go on there and find that 80% of my new mail is in fact spam (hint: there is no such thing as the UK lottery on-line). Thank goodness I don't use Yahoo! Messenger any more with its new mail notifications, because that would be an utter waste of my time.

Granted, Google Mail isn't perfect, but it generally only lets through one or two spam messages; and all of the spam that it catches is genuine spam. Maybe it's because all my Eclipse stuff is done under the Yahoo userid that I get so much of it; ah well, whatever the case, I'm not giving out my Yahoo! mail address to anyone else; GMail is my preferred mail system these days. Now, if only they'd invent an IMAP connection ...