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Note to google reader implementors


Look, I really don't care whether you've added new reporting views to tell me how many things that I know I've read that I have read. Nor do I care what the latest and greatest thing you've added to the application is, or any other random messaging from your team.

Google Reader is a reader. That means, I get to subscribe to feeds that I want to, and unsubscribe from crapola that gets spewed out from noise. Furthermore, when I've read a news feed, it stays read. I don't need to read it again. I especially don't need to read it every time I log into the damn application.

I suggest that you get rid of your news, and get a blog (hey, why not on blogger?) whereupon you can post the latest and greatest. I'm already subscribed to the Google Blog; you could even put it there. Just let me (un)subscribe rather than shoving it in my face every time I log on to the application.