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Safari, so good

Zfs Mac 2007

Apple have just announced that in the 48h since Safari 3.0 was advertised, they've had a million downloads. (I wonder if this double-counts 3.0 and 3.0.1?)

Meanwhile, RoughlyDrafted (which is usually a reasonable site) has been ranting and raving about everyone not falling at Jobs' feet for a delivery of another WWDC. Well, I'm sorry, but the fact was the WWDC07 keynote *was* a disaster when compared to last year (World of Warcraft has Crashed again). Frankly, Crazy Apple Rumours Site outclassed it in terms of a review.

It also didn't highlight anything new; the 'top secret' feature promised in January were nothing of the kind. The fact 64 bit was on the horizon was known, as was Core Animation and the other junk. Quick Look is more of a user bonus (not a developer one per se) as is the fluffy dock; and the iChat Theatre has been advertised on toolnotes on for some time. And a re-worked Finder, whilst everyone's pet peeve, isn't exactly a developer-level feature either. In fact, some of this stuff -- like spotlight across the network -- was announced at last year's WWDC06.

And if the '300 new features' is like last time (which included petty things like "Envelope printing", "Bookmark search", "New Fonts" and my favourite "View startup disk name in About this Mac"), then we're in for a snoozefest.

Things that might have made it a worthwhile upgrade -- ZFS being one of them, but including other innovative items such as the inclusion of ARD or a cheaper version of the home server for families with the family pack -- don't appear to be on the horizon. Well, wake me up when it gets to 10.5.3 and all the early adopter bugs have been worked out and you can boot from ZFS.

Lastly, you only have to look at the plummeting share price to know that it's not just me, it's everyone.

In other news, a team of Russian hackers have announced in the last 48 hours a million botnets across Windows and Macs ready for rental ...