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WWDC07: What a Waste of Dollars Conference

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I came away feeling somewhat hard done by from the WWDC conference keynote. Here was a great opportunity to find out where the developer platform was going ... and about the only thing of any interest was a mention of Core Animation (which had already been revealed at the Mac Expo in January). The rest of the stuff – spaces, desktop, finder, piles – were more user-related features than a developer conference.

Where's ZFS? Was it just because Sun happened to state the bleedin' obvious, that Apple was working on ZFS? Yes or No? The fact that it will be in 'as a read-only system' is only slightly less useful than a CDRom for storage purposes. Maybe if you've got any OpenSolaris data that you want to move back and forth ...

Oh, and the iPhone. Great, so it's got a web-browser that can run AJAX, so you can do anything. Webclip on an iPhone, perhaps? Honestly, it's not that big a deal if you're on an unlimited data plan, but anything less and it's going to receive virtually zero use, not to mention the fact that a lot of apps on phones are clunkily hidden inside something else (heloooo J2ME apps) which makes it almost impossible to use. I think they stand a reasonable chance of success (mostly by lowering the barriers for non-coders to write widgets), but integrated apps they aren't.

Apple loses 5$ on the conference; image courtesy of Yahoo FinanceAnd lastly and leastly ... Safari on Windows. Whoo. And rooted in less than a day, despite pretence of security. That's just embarrasing. I mean, even if it is a beta product (and the bugs are shown to exist in the production 2.0.4 version of Safari as well), to have such blatent rooting errors is a no-go, even if there are bugs. It of course doesn't help that Apple have such a poor record at security disclosures, so they only have themselves to blame for this one. Perhaps WebKit blog will have some kind of belated thanks for finding these issues so that they can be corrected, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Basically, it looks like Leopard is going to be like Vista — much eye candy without any real benefits. I can't say any of the new features that were there are particularly exciting; and other than the share-things-in-video-iChat, there doesn't seem to be anything that I'd use in quite a while. Oh well, back to waiting for Mac OS X Pussy to come out. Is it any wonder their share price dropped 5$ on the conference?