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Eclipse available

Eclipse 2007

Eclipse is available for download, which contains fixes for the PermGen OutOfMemoryError issues with the launcher for Windows (and the Mac, too). Anyone who has installed Eclipse 3.3.1 should upgrade; you can also get the patch by updating with the Update Manager.

I'm not going to give my personal opinions or humour on the version number (a blog with personal opinions? Unheard of!) as otherwise I risk being tarred a shining little wit. However, I think it's worth pointing out that regardless of the name shown on the download screen, the plugins that come with are on the whole prefixed with 3.3.2, so if you want to find out if someone's got the fixes for installed, just get them to check whether org.eclipse.platform is at least 3.3.2. The official Eclipse 3.3.2 maintenance release is probably due to occur around February 2008 (and likely to contain org.eclipse.platform_3.3.3).

Next up: 3.4M3, coming to a download site near you in November ...