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iPhone now fails to login to T-Mobile hotspot

2009 Iphone

Since upgrading my iPhone firmware to 3.0, I find that I'm no longer able to log into my local T-Mobile hotspot (from Virgin Trains, no less). Unfortunately, getting authorised requires you to click on a button (which presumably runs some JavaScript) to take you to another page, where you have to click a button (more JavaScript) before finally letting you access the internet without any further ado.

Whilst Apple's approach (of trying to access is a neat one, they presuppose that the page you're taken to is some kind of form entry page which has a single login button. Neither of these assumptions hold for the T-Mobile hotspot, and so the only thing you can do is press Cancel. However, if you do that - you're booted off the hotspot and WiFi connection is dropped.

Whilst the approach is a good one, it's clear this hasn't had much testing. For example, what happens if the password is wrong? Or what happens if there's a two-page process that you need to fill in? Due to the secrecy behind the development of the firmware, it's clear that none of these edge cases has been considered.

Which is a shame, really, because the idea is a good one. Now, if only it worked ...