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EclipseCon Tutorial Day

Eclipsecon 2011 Eclipse

Today is the first day of EclipseCon, and the tweets are coming in on the #eclipsecon hashtag. Today's topics are tutorials this morning, followed by tutorialettes later this afternoon. If you're in to OSGi, there's a technical update on OSGi 4.3, and for those that haven't experienced the joys of PDE build, there's a Building Eclipse plugins with Tycho talk which is highly recommended.

Finally, this is likely to be the last EclipseCon conference where there are more CVS and SVN servers than Git. There's really two types of projects at Eclipse at the moment; those who use Git, and those who will use Git. Partially, that's because the tooling wasn't available at the start of the Indigo release train; but also because the switch mid release is a risk for the larger projects. However, once Indigo is out of the door, there will be a mass switchover for most Eclipse projects to join those already moved over onto If you still haven't got used to it yet, go to the Effective Git tutorial from the developer's mouths. If you already know everything there is to know about Git and EGit, then you might want to check out the Enterprise OSGi talk on Aries.

As if that wasn't enough, tonight brings the Eclipse Community Awards Presentation followed by the birds of a feather sessions, some of which are yet to be scheduled – check the boards for more information.