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Red Nose Day 2011

Comicrelief 2011 Iphone Ipad
Red Nose Day logo

Red Nose Day is upon us, and with it, so are money raising opportunities. Yes, I've got the Red Nose Day tie on (well, it's a red tie with a red nose sticker on it).

To support it, all iPhone applications from my company, Bandlem Limited, will be donating 100% of the proceeds for all iPhone applications purchased between March 18th and March 20th inclusive, including Naughty Step, the graphical countdown timer for children in a time-out corner, BarCodeGen for generating ISBNs for budding self-publishing authors, and NetBox for those interested in seeing what computers are running on the local area network.

If you've been thinking about buying them, now is the chance to get them at £0.59 ($0.99/€0.99) as well as contributing to charity and supporting the needy in Africa.