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What else can Google screw up?

Rant 2011

As if screwing up reader wasn't enough, they appear to have moved the screw-up-squad over to Blogger.

For years (i.e. since Blogger started), blog posts have had a title and a post. Fairly easy to distinguish; one shows up as the title of the page, and one shows up as the body. Feeds recognise this, the page renders this – it's pretty much a given.

However, thanks to the Google+Doom operation, the Blogger codebase now appears to confuse a blog post with a giant + post. So instead of using the title given to derive the URL (e.g. /2011/11/git-tip-of-week-git-notes.html), it now uses the first few sentences of the posts. Given that all of my Git Tip of the Week posts start with "This week's Git Tip of the Week is about" it now turns out that any post I create (this month) is called /2011/11/this-weeks-git-tip-of-week-is-about-git.html. Fricking useless.

Fortunately, you can work around this – as this post does – by making a dummy post with "What else can Google screw up?" as the first paragraph. Post it to Blogger, and it generates what the old URL looked like; you can then edit the post and remove the dummy sentence from the post.